Customer Support: Why It Matters In Your International E-Commerce Platform

Customer Support: Why It Matters In Your International E-Commerce Platform

It is a day to Black Friday. You are confident you will be making remarkable profits. You have done all the preparations for the day. Your warehouse is full. Your customer service staff are ready for the rush sales. All signs are an indication of a great season for you. But something happens that alters your fortune. Few hours to the D-day, your site goes down. You try reaching your e-commerce platform provider. Your calls go unanswered, no email or online chat replies.

You’re in desperation wondering what to do next. You failed on one aspect during your platform selection because of paying zero attention to customer support. When considering an international e-commerce platform, it is essential to prioritize customer support.  But why? Does it matter? Here are three reasons why customer support is crucial in your online business:

It is the power gear of your online profitability

No doubt, you’re not establishing an online store to make losses. Your ultimate objective is to generate high profits and gain better high returns on coins. But, this can remain as an unrealized dream. With unreliable customer support on your e-commerce solution, downtimes will be your portion. As such, your prospective customers will find another store to purchase products. By this, making profits in your online store will remain as one of the goals that were unrealizable. Hence, pay attention to your customer support if you are dreaming of consistent profit generation.

Customer support is the determiner of your online presence

Like a physical shop where you must open doors and windows to receive customers, you need to be available online to make a sale. Your online presence depends on the e-commerce platform provider. They determine your uptime and downtime especially when you are running your site on a hosted platform. Yes, no provider will guarantee you a 100% uptime. Errors happen, and issues arise on the servers and systems that cause downtimes — however, the frequency and length of downtimes matters. With reliable customer support, you will have limited and short-lived downtimes. This way, your online presence will remain stable. So, consider this aspect when selecting an international e-commerce platform.

The pillar to your SEO ranking

As you are aware, having better ranks in the search engines is the key to driving high sales. Your easy searchability drives more organic traffic and enhances conversion rates. However, this relies on your uptime. Stable customer support will ensure you are reliable and stable. Hence, you will score high on search engines.

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